“Triggered,” a book that describes some unknown facts about some crucial subjects

The book, ‘Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence the US’ is a popular non-fiction book. Donald Trump Jr writes the book. It is his first book and was published on 5th November 2019. The Center Street of Hachette Book Group published the book.
The book has received a lot of popularity among the readers. Within just a few days, it became so popular that it ranked one of the Nonfiction bestsellers lists of the New York Times. The book covered some essential subjects related to the United States, such as Donald Trump’s presidency, political correctness, the American Left, and more.

Summary of the book

The book talks about political correctness in the United States. Besides, it argues the American Left has a martyr complex. Trump Jr., known as one of the best writers, has carefully analyzed every event and has precisely explained how the Left employs bullying and victimization to express their views. He also has suggested the means of defending someone’s principle.

In detail, Trump Jr. expressed his theories or views about how the US intelligence community has tried to harm US President Donald Trump. For this, he has compared Donald Trump’s experience with the COINTELPRO harassment event. The event targeted Martin Luther King Jr., the leader of civil rights.

Apart from this, Trump Jr. also writes about his personal experience on a visit to Arlington National Cemetery. He writes, he got emotional while looking at the graves. That reminded him of the sacrifices made by the Trump family.

However, many people have criticized the characterization of Donald Trump on the sacrifices made by the Trump family. But there are some unknown facts mentioned in this book that everyone should know about.

Information about the book’s release and promotion

On 22nd May 2019, Trump Jr. signed a deal to write a book with the publisher, and on 22nd July, the publisher announced the book title, cover, and releases data. In October 2019, he launched a website, called Trigger a Lib. Fans can buy a copy of the book from this site. The book has also sent to some well-known politicians, such as Mitt Romney, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, and more.
Well, it can be said that Donald Trump Jr, has covered every detail and produces a book which focuses on perseverance and success. The book tells the best defense is “Offense.” So, give it a try and explore the untold and unknown facts related to Donald Trump’s presidency and America’s political history.