• Christine
  • December 4, 2019,

The lost book of remedies by Claude Davis

The lost book of remedies is a book that was first published initially in the year 2018, 12th April. The lost book of remedies contains different natural or herbal remedies that could cure different types of health issues that are usually suffered. The books show the solutions that were initially used by our grandparents for curing any health issue when the medicine was not introduced. The book contains the most effective remedies for the people that were actually tested.

The author of the book is Claude Davis and Sr, Nicole Apelian, and published by Claude Davis. The book actually contains three hundred and four color papers and is available at $ 50.00. This book is for the beginners and seasoned herbalist and includes covers identifications, color photos, edible uses, harvesting instruction, medical uses, and much more.

The book is printed in the English language, and this book is helping Americans to achieve medical self-sufficiency. The lost book of remedies is very effective as it contains all the remedies that could be prepared without spending lots of money, and the best thing is that the remedies have no side effects.

The best thing about the book

The best thing about the lost book of remedies is that it does not believe in just treating symptoms, and that’s the reason it goes against mainstream medicine. The remedies that are available in the book works differently than mainstream medicine like it target the cause of the problem. The remedy available in the book works to focus on the underlying condition causing and rely on your natural ability to repair itself.

The best thing about the book is that it also provides guidance of medicinal herbal for the readers so that they could easily look at the affliction or disease and take the reference of the book to know which herb to use and the way to find the herb or illness. As mentioned in the book, you will be able to find out a way to make a powerful painkiller extract that directly works on the central nervous system to lessen the pain by common backyard weed.

It is documented shows that when morphine ran out, the extract was used in World War 2. Nowadays, people are trying to replace the use of addictive pain medicine that has side effects with the lost book of remedies.